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LGBT Community Endowment Fund
Horizons Young Professionals for Equality (HYPE)

Mission StatementHorizons Foundation's Philanthropy Series
Founded in 2011, Horizons Young Professionals for Equality(HYPE) empowers and unites emerging professional leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area through acts of charitable giving to LGBT organizations and through the development of strong community relationships.

How do I get involved?
If you would like to become a member, we invite you to:

What is HYPE?
Horizons Young Professionals for Equality is an opportunity for young, Bay Area professionals to develop into their role as future LGBT leaders and become more involved with philanthropy and giving back.   

HYPE was developed to enable participants to pool smaller contributions in support of Bay Area LGBT nonprofit organizations, to network with other emerging LGBT leaders, and to learn and grow though the development of strong community relationships. 

The program is founded on the principle of strength in numbers - when we give together, we multiply the community impact of our giving. In short, HYPE is a vehicle for young donors to flex their collective philanthropic muscles. 

HYPE is a part of a growing movement of giving circles. These grassroots groups pool resources to demonstrate that individual donors don't have to be wealthy to have significant charitable impact in their communities. One important benefit of giving circles is their ability to forge meaningful connections between like-minded individuals. 

How does HYPE work?
To become a member of Horizons Young Professionals for Equality, individuals commit to donating or raising $25 a month for one year - $300 in total - to Horizons Foundation's HYPE fund. 

20% of members annual contributions goes directly to support the work of the Horizons Foundation and 80% of the pool is designated as share funds, to be distributed annually to an LGBT organization selected by members. (See chart.)

In addition to awarding grants, HYPE also hosts social gatherings, parties and educational events for members.

How is the grant decision made?
As a member-driven organization, which values innovation, collaboration and risk-taking, our grant selection process is different every year. Typically, HYPE's Community EnGAYgement & Education Committee (CEG, a committee that is open for all HYPE members to join) will meet July/August to determine the focus of our next calendar year grants and the grant selection process.  All HYPE members have the opportunity to provide input into the final grant decisions with leadership/guidance from the CEG Committee and support from Horizons Foundation.  To learn more about the CEG Committee, please CLICK HERE.

So who do you fund?
To further promote HYPE's mission of empowering and uniting young leaders in the Bay Area through acts of charitable giving and through the development of strong community relationships – HYPE's 2013 Inaugural Year grants focused on supporting Bay Area LGBT organizations to explore, develop and or/expand tailor strategies to engage young donors.  After an extensive member designed request for proposal and grant review process, HYPE awarded $5,000 grants to three LGBT community organizations - Gay Straight Alliance Network, Our Space (a fiscally sponsored program of Bay Area Youth Centers) and Pacific Center.  To learn more about these outstanding organizations and last year's grant selection process, please CLICK HERE.    

Is HYPE a huge time commitment?
No. HYPE is designed for you to be involved as little or as much as you would like. The only requirement is that you give your portion to the shared pool. 

As a member, you will have the option to vote for an organization that you want to receive the HYPE's annual grants. Other ways to be further involved include:

  • Participating in the selection and review process for the share grant
  • Contributing to outreach and recruitment to grow the roster of HYPE members
  • Attending any of our social or educational events
  • Shaping the direction and future of HYPE
  • Becoming more involved with Horizons Foundation at large and/or
  • Contributing any of your other skills or interest to HYPE

We invite you to join us.

HYPE Executive Committee
Sparks & Samuel Pedersen, Co-Chairs
Corey Rosenberg, Kate Hancock, Rachel Schiff, Jeremy Pelkey, Matt Davis and Jenna Heath